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  1. Born in Rīga. Latvia.


    Educational qualifications : 

    2011. June – Master’s Degree in Fashion design at Art Academy of Latvia./ Fashion collections video.

    2011. – Inservice training in Erasmus programme at „Im Palais teatre”, at costume ilustrator and artist  Ute Rathmann. Work connected with the performance „Queen Elizabeth”in Berlin ( Germany ).

    2010. -  „Istituto Marangoni” Fashion Marketing summer school in Paris ( France ).

    2009. – Bachelor’s degree in Fashion art.

    2007. – Inservice training in Erasmus programme „SYH „design department in Nykarleby ( Finland).

    2005. – 2009.- Studies at Art Academy  of Latvia.

    2000. – 2004. – Studies at Rīga Design  and Art school, faculty of fashion design.

    1997. – 2000. – Imanta Latvian secondary school, humanitariour course.

    1988. – 1997. – Agensklns Secondary school, elementary school.


    2012. – Collection „ Bone flowers”.

    2011. – Master’s Degree diploma paper collection – „My lovely bones”.

    2010. – Collection „Absinth”together with the team of Pavilion.

    2010. – Collection „Who the fuck is Alise” together with the team of Pavilion.

    2010. – Collection „About Money „.

    2009. – Collection „Lorelei”.

    2008. – Collection „My beloved ghost – Bu”.

    2006. – Collection „Specificus”.

    Creative Activities : 

    2018 - Make up first assistent to " Heirs of the night" TV series. 1.2 seasons

    2017 - Costume design for theatre play "Zelta Zirgs" (Latvian puppet theatre ). Director D.Paiva

    2016 - " Art Department Masterclass" in Reykjavik.

               - Costume design for theatre play F.Zellers " Ak,Tētīt! " (Latvian National theatre).Director I.Rešetins.

    2015. - "Art Department Masterclass" in Vilnius.

                - Costume design for theatre play F.Zeller "Ja Tevis vairs nebūtu" (Dailes theatre).Director I.Rešetins

    2014. - " Lielais Kristaps" Nominated as best costume designer for movie ./with Movie " FISH" by K.Zaķe.

    2013. - Working on several projects, making costumes, and fashion design.

    2012. – Owner of the companie " Specificus"  . 

    2011. – Costumes and scenography for the diploma work „Shadow and dust”to the choreographer Eva Rancane – student at Latvian Culture Academy.

               - Asistent to artist Ute Rathmann at the performance „Queen Elizabeth” in Berlin ( Germany ).

               - Costumes and style to CSDD advertisment,company – „Zoom”.

               - Fashion collections „My lovely bones”video.

    2010. – Participation at fashion undertaking „Moment „with a collection „Who the fuck is Alise” together with the team of Pavilijons.

                - Participation at the opening of wine shop with the collection „About Money”.

                - Costumes and scenography to choreographer Sintija Siliņa at her modern dance show „On the heat of red hot roof”.

    2009. – Fashion show at  Latvian Art Academy  with collection „Lorelei „.

                - Participation at the contest „Admiralteiskaja Igla”in St. Peterburg ( Russia) at the contest to           young fashion designers. 

               - The main artist to band „Tribes of the city „DVD video recording.

               - Costume Artist to director G.Silakaktiņš at his diploma performance „451 degree after Fahrenheit”.

    2008. – Asistent to Ž.Dubska – making the cover to magazine „Lilit”.

              - Coordinator to foreign students in the programme of Erasmus.

             - Fashion designer to advertisment Campaign „Fiz”at enterprise „Aldaris”.

             - Stylist .make up artist at different projects at Advertising Agency „Mooz”.

             - Cometition „New Word in Fashion” –the main prize with the collection „My beloved ghost – Bu”.

             -2rd place –Pret-a-porte de Lux competition for young designers „Admiralteiskaja Igla” with the collection „My beloved ghost – Bu”.

    2007. – Main artist at the movie „Amateur” by J.Nords.

    2005. – Interior design cafe „Prizma”( Valdeķu street 1)

    2004. – Main make up artist ,stylist at the Hairdesser’s „Londa 2004”.

                 -Asisstant to Fashion designer Evija Daboliņa.

    2003. -  Participation at the competition „Reconstruction of Jeans”on TV programme „Style and   Fashion”.

    Language skills : 

    Latvian – native language.

    English – fluent 

    Russian – colloquial

    German – colloquial


    Art, fashion design, illustration, the history of fashion. Dance, cinema, video,photography,  music, architekture, stylings,conceptual art, Scenography, make - up, sport, filosofy...travel and nature.